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Who we are: We are a group of doctors who are deeply concerned about the short- and long-term welfare of Australia’s oldest and most respected medical journal, the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA). The membership of our Interim Steering Committee (with brief bios) can be found here.

Our aims: Our primary aim is to ensure that as many doctors as possible are fully aware of the facts surrounding the current “crisis” – as at early May 2015 – at the MJA. On this website you will find every publicly available document (both pro and con) that seeks to explain the crisis and how and why it has arisen. If and when more information becomes available, it will be added to our website.

Our secondary aim is to allow supporters/ readers/ contributors and reviewers for the MJA to indicate their views as to how the crisis should best be resolved. On this site you can register (at no cost) as a “friend of the MJA”. You can also indicate whether you agree or disagree with the views of the steering committee and add comments.

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  1. I agree with the views expressed on this website by the steering committee of Friends of the MJA and commend them for taking action to protest and address the reprehensible sacking of Stephen Leeder – a highly credible and effective Editor in Chief.

    I am also shocked and saddened by the associated implications for the journal, and for the impact on the very dedicated, talented, and professional editorial and support staff of the journal. The outsourcing to Elsevier is, indeed, a retrograde step for the quality and the integrity of the journal.

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